Friday, June 24, 2011

My Believing.....

Funnily this is my first 'official' post & it doesn't have anything to do with Bliss Clips...It is however something that may inspire, as I was inspired to write this piece by my beautiful friend Tracey from Sugar an Spice...

We both share something in common and that is, we are mothers to ASD boys...

~ ~ Believing ~ ~

My ASD child, is my 'Believing'.

He is my believing when with every new achievement he ever made, we would be happy to accept that, that's the BEST we'll ever see from him and that, that was OK.

Well, that may have been the case for some-one that doesn't 'believe' as day by day he continues, to learn, develop and present himself as a child we never imagined we would ever have.

With every wonderful thing he experiences, endures & achieves, he is not seeing himself different to any other child, therefore there are no boundaries for him & what he is able to accomplish.

He is a OUR beautiful son that was given to us & teach us Love, Determination, Perseverance, Patience, Kindness, Humility, Humbleness & Empathy and that there is no end to believing and expecting that there is always 'GREATER'.

It is our son, that has shown us that believing goes beyond 'Hoping', believing is knowing that circumstances can change and having faith & trust that Miracles can take place. 

May we always have a heart to believe & faith & patience for the miracles to happen!!

My son, is my, 'Believing' and I thank God that he trusted him to us.


  1. So lovely to see you using this pretty, pretty blog Miss C. You know I believe special children are only given to special parents who deserve the honour of sharing their lives. xx

  2. Love ur post Cathy and you made my heart smile with this one line
    "My son, is my, 'Believing' and I thank God that he trusted him to us."

  3. Have to hold on hard to Faith...

    A few weeks ago I was floundering pretty badly second guessing a lot of the turns in my life, not understanding why the answers were not forthcoming and feeling what I can only describe as "very blue".

    My beautiful friend Cathy heard my struggle, and instead of trying to "make it right" or "show me how to do it" (things that no-one can do) she showed her true loveliness and proceeded to surround me with love and wrap me up with her beautiful words.

    She is right of course.. faith and believing are paramount to everyone's happiness but also easily overlooked in our relentless pursuit for immediate gratification. For the last few weeks I have often found myself whispering "have faith Tracey" and it calms me, it does not make everything "right" but it does take the edge off, leaving me a clearer view and open to possibility.

    Funnily enough Cathy mentioned that this blog has nothing to do with Bliss Clips and yet I beg to differ. This blog has everything to do with Bliss Clips... Cathy's wonderful faith, unswerving belief and gorgeous capacity to love can be found in each and every piece she creates. It is the very reason that she is successful and surround by so many genuine friends and customers.

    Love you to bits Cath your words have become my inspiration sweet lady. xxx

  4. Thank-you Lisa, you know I love reading your blog and figured I had better break the ice lol. Thank-you Linda for reading and I also know that you can somewhat relate to this, in an experience of your own although different.

    Tracey, you have such a loving & beautiful heart, thank-you for speaking to me and although I may not have had the answers, it was delivered in such a way, that has helped me to get through the days I cannot understand, help or change. I know that we all deal with things on a different level, but we really do need to hold on to something that is greater than us and has our future written, often we just need to be still & listen to the voice that guides us. Be blessed always beautiful. xx

  5. Hi Cathy, welcome to the blogsphere from a fellow ASD mum! Wish my girl was as girly-girly as yours! <3

  6. Dearest Cathy, thank you for sharing part of your private world with us. ASD children are such special little souls and so often misunderstood. For a period of 2 years from age 18 I devoted my weekends to voluntary work where I would care for various ASD kids aged from 4-15. This was such a privilege and this program offered mum, dad and siblings some time-out. And me, well I had a ball! Such fantastic memories are dear to me and I can still remember all the name and faces of these beautiful children.

  7. Just beautiful, what beautiful words to say about your son. He will grow into a wonderful young man because he has a mother who accepts him for who he is and loves him dearly. May all our kids grow strong and healthy.